Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Dr. Wictz List: 8 Ways to Annoy Someone in a Board Game

Have you been playing too many board games with your friends, but you cannot just tell them no when they invite you to board game night?  Well, don’t you fear, Dr. Wictz (and whoever else adds more in the comments section) is here with a list of ways to annoy your board game playing friends that will make sure you are never again invited back to board game night.

1. Add a marble to Hungry Hungry Hippos that no Hippo can swallow.

2. Lie when someone hits (or misses) your battleship in Battleship.

3. Ask if anyone wants to play war, and if they say yes, sign them up for the military?

4. Spend the entire game of clue going between the Lounge and Conservatory accusing the same player that they used the candlestick the entire game.

5. In Stratego wall off all of your entrances with bombs, and taunt your opponent by moving your 9’s diagonally.

6. Refuse to make any word longer than two letters in Scrabble.

7. When you are the dispatcher in Pandemic, spend all of your moves moving your teammates away from where they need to be on the board.

8. As a werewolf, go rouge and out all the other werewolves in Werewolf.

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  1. A couple of the comments from twitter:


    Trolling your game group doesnt end well :P But a 1 off prank can get a good laugh (all cylons in the loyalty deck?)


    to be fair, I think the point is to make sure it's no longer your game group! ^_^