Lecture Series

A lecture series is when I write a series of articles around a central theme.  Below is a summary of each completed lecture series and a link to each lecture series retrospective.  Each retrospective has a link to each lecture within its series and a one sentence summary describing each lecture.

Past Lecture Series:

Classics Lecture Series: 
The Classic Lecture Series is about great game mechanics in older board games.  Each lecture highlights a specific mechanic/concept from older board games and talks about what makes that mechanic great.

Game Design Philosophy:
The Game Design Philosophy series charts a systematic method of designing a board game prior to releasing it for play testing.  Each lecture highlights a step in the design process, explains why its important, and provides an example on using it.

Thoughts on Winning:
Thoughts on Winning explores what about the game playing experience keeps players wanting to come back to play more games.  To be fair, most players are going to lose over 50% of the time, so what keeps bringing players back to play.

Market Mechanic Lecture:
The Market Mechanic Lecture series examines different types of market mechanics and how to better use them in board game design.  Lecture explain how to utilize specific market mechanics and teaches players/designers how to distinguish between a market mechanic and a market theme.