Monday, April 7, 2014

Classic Lecture Series - Retrospective

The Classic Lecture Series is about great game mechanics in older board games.  Each lecture highlights a specific mechanic/concept and talks about what makes that mechanic great.  Below is a link to each article in the series with a one sentence summary about its topic.


Introduction - Learning to Think Ahead - Tic Tac Toe, Checkers, and Connect Four
The Introduction explains the goal of the lecture series and how simple games, like Tic Tac Toe, teach new players to strategically think ahead.

Game Etiquette - Candy Land
Game Etiquette highlights the importance of using a simple game like Candy Land to teach proper behavior to board game players.

Dxterity - Hungry Hungry Hippos, Pick Up Sticks, and Janga
Dxterity explores what are the benefits for designing a game with a dexterity mechanic.

Telling a Story - The Game of Life and Clue
Telling a Story emphasises that board games are an opportunity for the players to create a story to share with each other .

Moves That Mess With Your Opponents - Sorry
Moves That Mess With Your Opponents points out how interaction with players comes from both corporation and by hindering other players from being able to succeed.

 Secrete Information - Clue (Most Read)
Secrete Information breaks down the three central questions that must be answered in a game that uses a secrete information mechanic.

Hand Management -UNO
Hand Management explains how card games, like UNO, is really a combination of multiple mechanics.

Communicating With a Partner Through Game Play - Euchre
Communicating With a Partner Through Game Play highlights how players can interact by working together through just their actions taking place within the game.

Real Time with Simultaneous Moves - Soccer, Speed, & Boggle (2nd Most Read)
Real Time with Simultaneous Moves demonstrates how to use the mechanic to create tension and relief within a board game.

Negotiations - Risk
Negotiations lists the ways that negotiation mechanics alters a board game.

Conclusion - Diplomacy
In the Conclusion I explain how and why the topics for the Classics Lecture Series originate from the game Diplomacy.

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