Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Dr. Wictz List: 6 ways a Board Game Designer would Rewrite Tax Rules

Being tax season and all I have not had as much time to sit back and write.  So in honor of tax season I am listing a few ways tax rules would be different if they were created by a board game designer.

1.  All rules for taxes would have to fit on 4-5 pages or less.

2.  The rulebook would not be filled with exception after exception.

3.  How to do your taxes would be communicated with infographics. 

4.  Expected time to complete learning the rules would only take half an hour.

5.  Rules would have undergone blind playtesting before publication.

6. Rules would be designed to be accessible for casual players.


  1. 7. There would be a clear definition of when the taxes were done.

    8. Everything needed to file taxes would be in the box.

    9. It wouldn't be necessary to pay someone to explain the rules to you. (I suppose this property is a corollary of #6.)

  2. There would be a video on YouTube with a very excited, balding, middle-aged, white guy explaining how to fill out your taxes.