Thursday, November 7, 2013

Faculty Lounge: David Palay of Random Access Podcast

Here in the faculty lounge I get together and talk to other board game interested podcasters and bloggers to learn a little bit more about what they do.


Today I talk to my friend David Palay who co-hosts Random Access Podcast with Andy Low.  I have known David and Andy since middle school and David was kind enough to be my first victim...cough…I mean first interviewee.
Dr. Wictz: So David could you give a quick breakdown about RA Podcasts in case someone is not familiar with your show?
David Palay: Hmm.  You'd think with 6 years behind us, this would be an easy question.  It's a weekly topical show that focuses on technology and games, but really it's whatever Andy and I have found interesting or want to talk about.
Dr. Wictz: Why did you guys start the podcast?
David Palay: We wanted to do something new and exciting, and have some way of telling other people about all the cool things we were seeing.  At least, that's what I recall.
Dr. Wictz: If you were to introduce someone to your show and you could only play for them one episode, which episode would you play?
David Palay: Wait.. which of the THREE HUNDRED PLUS episodes should someone listen to?
Dr. Wictz: Yes, you have to pick one. 
 David Palay:   Probably one of the early PAX10 episodes...  I think those were some of our best work.
Dr. Wictz: What is your favorite type of board game and why?
David Palay: That's really hard to say.  I like a wide variety.  Particularly games that pit you against the board (Pandemic, Forbidden Island, etc.) or where there is a hidden traitor (Shadows over Camelot, Pandemic w/bio terrorist, Resistance).  Maybe the latter category, if we just expand it to "unknown alliances", then it could include things like Twilight Imperium and Diplomacy too.
Dr. Wictz: If I wanted you to review my board game on your podcast what should I do?
David Palay: Just ask.  You can e-mail us at .
Dr. Wictz: Do you ever have any guest board game designers?
David Palay: We had Dave Schrader on a few times from Shrader Heavy Industries.  (web: twitter: @SchraderHeavy or @LightWeightRPG)  He came on to talk about the Light Weight RPG that he's been working on, which sounds really really cool and everyone should go check it out..
Dr Wictz: How do you invite guest onto your show?  Is there anything I could do (as a board game designer) that could get me invited to by a guest on your show?
David Palay: Andy and I knew Dave from PAX, so he actually approached us.  Get your name out there, send email to press, and if possible go to conventions.
I know Andy mentioned to me there have been a handful of times when he has reached out to people to get them on the show, but most of the time we get an e-mailed about somebody willing to do an interview.
Again I want to thank David for taking the time to talk to me today.  Random Access Podcast comes out once a week every Monday.  You can find the podcast at or by searching for Random Access Podcast on itunes.  You can also follow the Random Access Podcast on Twitter @RAPodcast .

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