Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Dr. Wictz List: 11 Similarities Between Board Game Designers and Economists

1. It takes two to four years to find a publisher for your latest paper or board game.

2. You can never find enough people to read your draft or play test your prototype.

3. Your significant other gets a glazed look over their face when you talk about your latest project.

4. Same male-female ratios at conferences and conventions.

5. There is only a small alpha audience interested in your work unless you hit the jackpot and stumble onto something that appeals to the mass market.

6. You are thrilled after years of work over what you have made till one guy figures out a single little thing that completely breaks your economic model or board game.

7. You can only count on your family ever reading you work or playing your game.

8. No one recognizes you on the street, but after one good publication you are mobbed by fans at conferences and conventions.

9. You are constantly worrying if your theme fits your paper or board game and if anyone else finds it interesting.

10. You have studied game theory.

11. You would be living in a cardboard box if you had to rely on living off the royalties from your published work.


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